GCSS is the authorized representative of TTK, France TTK is the manufacturer of Digital liquid Leak Detection System. For the past 20 years, TTK has been developing and manufacturing liquids leak detection system. FG-SYS digital technology consists of a system of intelligent detector cables linked to a central detection unit. The FG-SYS Digital technology range of cables is able to detect all types of liquid even the most dangerous:water,acids/alkalis, hydrocarbons/solvents etc. Each leak is detected by an audible alarm to the nearest meter, each cable is individually addressed and will identify the leak with less than 10 seconds,

Typical applications:
Data Centers and Computer rooms
Telecom Switch Rooms
Dealing Areas-Call Centers
Laboratories, Clean rooms, High
Double floor, offices

Principles of Liquid Leak Detection:
Water contact with the sensing cable
Activation of audible alarm & luminous on FG-SYS Digital Control Panel
Witness of zone @ fault passes from green to red
Display of zone name and location of the leak point, on the FG-SYS LCD screen
Display of date & time of the leak beginning
The contacts of defect are activated
Information is transmitted in mode JBUS on exit RS232/RS485