GCSS is the authorized representative of BENNING Power Solutions In the power-station sector many important loads such as electronic controls, communications equipment etc. are protected against mains failure by battery - assisted power supplies.
A continuous uninterrupted power supply to data centres/computer rooms, radio and radar systems, runway lightning and illumination as well as other safety devices in airports is of importance for air traffic safety. Battery - assisted power supplies guarantee safety and security around the clock.
BENNING specialises in the development and production of high quality power supply systems. These systems form the basis for technically and economically optimised turnkey project solutions. Benning power supplies have been type acceptance tested by many providers and certification laboratories.

Product range:

BENNING proposes a complete range of industrial power supply in the following product categories :

Modular rectifiers from 300W up to 15 KW
Industrial rectifiers from 3 KW up to 250 KW
UPS systems from 1 up to 500KVA
Static inverters from 0.5 up to 160 KVA
DC/DC converters from 300W up to 1800W

Telecom Power Supplies:

Trouble-free operation of today’s telecom systems requires the use of power supply units which are reliable and ready to be brought into operation at any time.

Working with customers worldwide GCSS and BENNING supply AC- and DC power solutions to fixed and wireless network operators.

The basis for the construction of the Telecom power supplies are switched mode power modules in plug-in technology. With parallel connection systems can be configured up to several thousand amps.

Advanced design and state-of the art circuit topology are the basic features of BENNING compact power systems with high efficiency.

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