Rising energy prices, new legislation and heightened environmental awareness are changing the demands on the built environment. Today many buildings strive to offer healthy flexible indoor spaces that reduce the environmental impact of construction and building operation.

GCSS offers the latest building technology products and services such as: Raised Access Flooring, Underfloor Air Delivery system, Modular power and wiring systems, Precision Air Conditioning, Backup power solutions, security systems, etc.

Our solutions provide optimum value, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, manufactured to the highest quality standards, and can be successfully integrated within new or renovated buildings for almost every facility including:

Open offices
Closed offices
Residential buildings
Green buildings
Telecommunication facilities
Equipment Rooms
Clean Rooms
Server Rooms
Production Stations
Conference Rooms
Reception Areas
Educational buildings
Call Centers

TATE Raised Access Flooring
TATE Positile Carpet Tiles
STULZ Precision Airconditioning
AirFixture Under Floor Air Distribution System (UFAD)
Tate Flex and PVD Service Boxes and Underfloor Power solutions
TTK Digital Leak Detection Systems
WAGNER Fire Prevention, Detection & Suppression by Oxygen Reduction System