A data centre is a centralized repository, either physical or virtual, for the storage, management, and dissemination of data and information organized around a particular body of knowledge or pertaining to a particular business. It is a dynamic environment with power and cooling profiles that fluctuate throughout the day. There is also an ongoing cycle of change that affects this environment and the services it supports. Data centres are usually designed to have redundant power and cooling. Hopefully, with scope for expansion to meet future demands.


With over than 20 years of experience, GCSS designs and builds turnkey data centres that are resilient and provide 24/7 service, full disaster recovery and business continuity. They are secure to the highest relevant standards with a flexible infrastructure that can support the business of our client as it grows and changes.

GCSS develops individual solutions for the optimization and expansion of existing data centres and the construction of new ones. Our project team directs the construction phase, monitors the subcontractors and guarantees expert, punctual start-up.

GCSS Data Center Services:
Verify and assess existing facility for civil, electrical & mechanical services and recommend guidelines for design
Provide electrical and mechanical load analysis
Evaluate and propose systems capacity and condition of existing Airconditioning system, in coordination with trades for proposed hardware configuration, personnel workflow.
Evaluate/recommend fire detection and suppression equipment
Evaluate/recommend uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery equipment based on proposed hardware and network configurations (in coordination with network implementation contractor).
Evaluate existing electrical components
Evaluate power distribution units (PDUs)
Evaluate lighting and other areas for data center & support rooms
Recommend appropriate Access Control Systems
Address safety, grounding and noise attenuation issues
Post construction inspection, testing, commissioning and training the staff on maintaining the newly built data center environment.
Provide comprehensive documentation for all the installed equipment upon the turnkey handover of the data centre for optimum performance and smooth operation.
Provide proposal for preventive maintenance service for the equipment supplied and installed, ensure necessary spare parts are made available as and when required.

Backup Power
  • BENNING Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Voltage Stabilizers
  • Standby Generator Set
  • STULZ Close Control Air conditioning
Raised Access Flooring
  • TATE Raised Access Flooring
Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Fire Prevention, Detection & Suppression system
  • FM200
  • TTK Digital Leak Detection System
  • Data Centre environment monitoring system (temperature, humidity, smoke, etc.)
Acess Control
  • Card and/or Biometric Reader
  • Finger Print System
  • Lock system
  • Monitoring
  • CCTV